PCFO, or Principal Combined Fund Organization conducts campaigns aimed at collecting the largest amount of charitable contributions possible. This is done by having representatives throughout a given area which comprise the PCFO and offer suggestions and operation techniques to reach their goals. Only representatives from federations of charitable organizations can serve in the PCFO. PCFO has many responsibilities which include:

  • Honoring employee designations.
  • Helping to ensure no employee is coerced in any way regarding participation in the campaign and that allegations of coercion are brought to the attention of the appropriate Federal Officials.
  • Training agencies teach executives, coordinators, and keyworkers in the methods of non-coercive solicitation. This training is separate from training given for other types of charitable campaign drives. Keyworkers are trained to check and ensure the pledge form is legible on each copy, verify arithmetical calculations, and ensure the block on the pledge form concerning the release of the employee’s name and contact information is completed fully.
  • Ensuring that no employee is questioned in any way as to his or her designation of its amount except by keyworkers, loaned executives, or other non-supervisory Federal personnel.
  • Preparing pledge forms and Charity Lists that are consistent with these regulations and instructions by the Director.
  • Honoring the request of employees who indicate on the pledge form that their names, contact information and contribution amounts are not to be released to the organizations that they designate.
  • Maintaining a detailed schedule of its actual CFC administrative expenses with, to the extent possible, itemized receipts for the expenses. The expense schedule must be in a format that can be reconciled to the PCFO’s budget submitted in accordance with paragraph © (1) of this section.
  • Keeping and maintaining CFC financial records and interest-bearing bank accounts separate from the PCFO’s internal organizational financial records and bank accounts. Interest earned on all CFC accounts must be distributed in the same manner as undesignated funds pursuant to 950.501. All financial records and bank accounts must be kept in accordance with generally accepted accounting principles.
  • Submitting to the LFCC an audit of collections and disbursements for each campaign managed no later than the date to be determined by OPM in the year in which the last disbursement is made. The date will be part of the annual timetable issued by the Director under 950.801 (b). The audit must be performed by an independent certified public accountant in accordance with generally accepted auditing standards and OPM guidance.
  • Absorbing the cost of any reproduction and/or reissuing of campaign information due to its noncompliance with these regulations, embezzlement, or loss of funds. A PCFO must also absorb campaign costs exceeding 110% of the approved budget.
  • Designing and implementing CFC awards programs which are accessible to all employees and which reflect the Government’s commitment to non-coercion. Awards to Federal agencies or employees by individual federations or organizations for CFC accomplishments are prohibited.
  • Producing any document or information requested by the LFCC and/or the Director within 10 calendar days of the receipt of that request.
  • Responding in a timely and appropriate manner to reasonable inquiries from participating organizations.

United Way of Tucson and Southern Arizona is the PCFO.