Application Process & Timetable

The Arizona CFC attempts to notify all charities that have participated in recent campaigns and those that have shown an interest in applying of the exact dates applications can be accepted. However, as an organization, it is the charity’s responsibility to submit a timely application. If word from CFC has not gotten to your group, please make sure to submit the application before March 1st or call regarding the exact dates. CFC does hold a workshop in each year for organizations seeking inclusion, at which time the process is explained and key dates are mentioned. Change in regulations of policies are also mentioned at the workshop which may affect applications. A charitable organization must apply for inclusion every year, and must meet all requirements every year. Applications will not be kept on file and automatically be considered for inclusion. The application requirements are taken from Federal Register 5 CFR Part 950 Part 950 Subpart B (950.201, 950.202, 950.203, 950.204, and 903.205) and also Subpart C for Federations. These regulations can be downloaded from the Office of Personnel Managements CRC Webpage.

Any organization interested in receiving an Application Packet should send an e-mail containing the organization name, address, phone, fax, e-mail address and contact name.

If applying as a National or International establishment, the applications are made to the Office of Personnel Management on an annual basis. If any organization would like to apply as a National charitable establishment, the organization should call (202) 606-2564 and request an application or check the OPM Web page at to download an application. Among other requirements, an organization must provide or conduct real services, benefits, assistance, or program activities in 15 or more different states or a foreign country in order to be considered for National inclusion.